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Nghi Son Economic Zone

Nghi Son Economic Zone is situated in the South of Thanh Hoa province and lies in the axis of North-South of the country, 200km from Hanoi capital to the South. It is the bridge between the North and the Center, the NorthWest and the South, the Southern Laos market and the Northeast of Thailand. Nghi Son has a deep-water seaport which is planned for the construction of port system able to receive ships of 50,000DWT. Nghi Son port has high potential to become one of the biggest ports of Vietnam with the port loading and unloading capacity of hundreds tons per year.  

Nghi Son Economic Zone with total area of 18,611.8ha includes 12 communes of Tinh Gia District. Nghi Son Economic Zone is constructed to become a comprehensive, multi-sector economic zone with more focus on heavy and fundamental industries such as oil refinery and petrochemical industry, advanced steel industry, ship building and repair, thermal power, construction materials, consumer products, processing and export, etc… With potential and favourable position, Nghi Son will become an active zone, a focused area in the South of the Northern key economic region, developing the economy and the society of Thanh Hoa and the province surrounding it, narrowing the gap between the Northern key economic region and the rest of country.

Investment projects in Nghi Son Economic Zone will be offered many incentives in respect of land, water surface rental charges, enterprise income tax, import and export tax, etc.

Map of sea routes between Nghi Son and domestic and international ports

Architectural landscape planning map of Nghi Son Economic Zone vision to 2025